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Acrymal™ W-2

Acrymal™ W-2 is a detergent/chelating polymer that combines the functions of detergency, chelation, and dispersion in one molecular structure. Acrymal™ W-2 has no surfactant component allowing the formulator to customize for a particular function.

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Additional Information

The composition of Acrymal™ W-2 gives the product the following unique properties found in no other single structure.

  • Zero Foam Production
  • No need for addition of chelates such as EDTA
  • Outstanding anti-redeposition properties. No phosphates are required for optimal performance
  • Versatile material which can be readily formulated
  • Potential for dilution to reduce inventory requirements
  • Tolerant of high concentrations of electrolyte and effective throughout the pH scale
  • Both acidic and caustic cleaners can be easily formulated with Acrymal™ W-2
  • Solvates many nonionic surfactants into high caustic formulations and maintains long-term stability

Key Features

    • HI&I (Machine dishwashing, hard surface cleaners, and laundry): Detergent, chelation, and Dispersion
    • Textiles: Detergents



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Anti-Redeposition / Dispersant




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