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Block S

Block S is particularly useful in reducing the backstaining of indigo and sulfur dyes onto pockets and the synthetic fabric portions of the garment. This allows Block S to provide an overall brighter and cleaner appearance to the pocketing and labels. Block S also improves the contrast between the abraded and dyed sections of the garment.

Block S is nonionic in nature; therefore, it can be used in any processing step on denim. Typical steps where Block S might be added are desize, abrasion, and wash-off. Due to the high concentration and effectiveness of Block S, use levels are typically a third of the normal use levels of most other blocking agents. Typical use levels are .2-1.0% owg.

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Key Features

  • Reduces Backstaining
  • Provides a brighter and cleaner appearance to the garment
  • Works well on polyester and cotton, with exceptional results on polyester



Technical Textiles


Denim Anti-Redeposition




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