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Buffer ADB

Buffer ADB is a non-hazardous acid generator designed for controlled pH control in multiple areas. Buffer ADB effectively controls pH by mild generation of acid. ADB can be adjusted to an alkaline environment with basic products such as soda ash. As the temperature of the system approaches the boil, evolution of acid will begin which gradually lowers the pH from alkaline to acidic conditions.

Consideration should be taken to choose an alkali producer which does not have the ability to buffer in the neutral range. Soda ash is a recommended alkali source. ADB is non-corrosive and non-intrusive to light stabilizers contained in typical Nylon type 6,6 fibers. ADB is non-hazardous but should be handled with proper chemical hygiene practices outlined within the MSDS. ADB is compatible with multiple dye classes such as basic and acid dyes.

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Key Features

  • Excellent Acid Generation for Controlled pH Reduction
  • Promotes Stable Reproducible pH Control
  • Broad Ionic Dye Class Compatibility
  • Excellent Stability with Levelers and Other In-Bath Auxiliaries
  • Non-Corrosive to Multiple Types of Stainless Steel



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