Technical Textiles

Ecofluor® HW6

cofluor® HW6 is an ambient cure low particle size emulsion polymer that exhibits excellent repellency to aqueous and oily stains when applied to porous substrates. Ecofluor® HW6 works especially well when applied on textiles, leather, and other masonry, stones, and any porous substrate at ambient cure.

When fully cured, this material does not impact the hand characteristics of the finished substrates, and allows the substrate to breathe, as it is a penetrating product and not a film former.

Ecofluor® HW6 does not contain any detectable PFOA, PFOS or other intermediates with a perfluorinated chain length of more than 6 C-atoms. Nor does it contain any chlorinated monomers, and it does not contain any NPEs or other APEOs (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Alkylphenol Ethoxylates).

*Limit of detection with current analytical methods

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Key Features

Textile/Technical Textile: Water and oil repellent



Technical Textiles


Fluorinated Polymer: Acrylate Based


Weakly Cationic


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