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OdorX™ PEX

OdorX Pex is an innovative treatment designed to impart odor protection on various surfaces by topical application. OdorX Pex possesses the unique ability of protecting environments from a multitude of common household odors including but not limited to: Cooking Odors, Pet Odors, Water Damage Odors, Smoking Odors, Body Odors, Building Component Odors, Construction Material Odors, Plumbing Odors, Cleaning Product Odors, Air Freshener Odors, Refuse Odors, Pesticide Odors, etc.

OdorX Pex is catalytic by nature which enables continuous long-term performance.

OdorX Pex is compatible with most common topical application systems and may be applied with other additives if compatible.

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Key Features

  • Topical odor protection for various substrates
  • Compatible with most topical application systems
  • Applicable to a wide class of odor contaminants
  • Environmentally acceptable and biodegradable



Soft Floor Coverings, Technical Textiles


Odor Eliminator




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