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PermaSeal™ BCLX

PermaSeal BCLX is an innovative nylon fiber protectant designed to impart multi-protection on all types of nylon fibers by exhaust applications. PermaSeal BCLX possesses the unique ability of protecting fibers from destructive color destroying elements such as oxidizers. PermaSeal BCLX preserves color upon exposure to oxidizers and perspiration containing contaminants.

PermaSeal BCLX is also an industry leader in total stain release protection from a broad range
of stain contaminants.

PermaSeal BCLX is compatible with most common protection assistants and may be applied via exhaust in jets/becks or just before entrance into the steamer where fixation of the product will occur. Usage amounts should be determined from lab work on the intended substrate. Usage amounts could be 5% – 25% OWG depending on application method, desired protection level, shade, substrate, and dye selection.

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Key Features

  • Exhaust fiber protectant for total stain resistance
  • Compatible with most dyeing & finishing systems
  • Improved color retention upon exposure to oxidizing contaminants
  • Durable to multiple cleaning cycles
  • Minimal color change upon application to substrate
  • Provides the highest color fastness upon exposure to light



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